My current price range for an original handcarved electric guitar begins at $4,400. For information about commissioning a build and payment schedules, please see below.

I'm a custom designer/builder, meaning that I don't have specific building patterns or plans that I stick to. If I did, I'd be bored out of my skull. Each handcarved guitar is unique, so the variety or combination of characteristics will affect the final price of the instrument. Such variables include wood selections, complexity of design, carved or sculpted elements, electronics, and hardware. There are no upper limits.

Special KayLazarusArcadia DC Jr

Occasionally, I build a more traditional instrument such as the models shown immediately above, which are priced lower than my uniquely carved and contoured guitars. The reason is because guitars such as those illustrated above don't require the amount of time it takes to handcarve and contour and therefore start at a lower price base than the instruments that define the distinctively sculpted WJJG style. If you have questions regarding the pricing of a more traditional design, write me at jeffrey@divine-jones.com.

Commission Policy:

I'm currently taking commissions, so please contact me if you're interested in ordering one of my instruments built specially for you. The current wait for a finished custom guitar is 6-8 months. This may change, depending on the volume and individual complexity of each custom commission. The sooner you contact me to get on the calender, the better.

Payment schedules:

Something you may or may not realize is that I prefer to work out a payment schedule for a custom commission that suits you. Contact me to discuss your custom project. Once we both agree on your specs, I'll provide you a final price according to those specs and your design preferences. My payment schedule of choice is a 40-30-30 arrangement in which the client makes an initial downpayment of 40% of the total instrument's price to be put on the shop calender. When the guitar is being sanded and prepped for finish, I ask for a 30% payment. Upon completion, I ask for the remaining 30% plus any additional expenses like shipping and handling or upgrades that were requested by the client during the build.

Depending upon the expense of your material preferences, I'm also open to work on a 30-25-25-20 payment schedule if that suits you, your budget, and calender. Such a schedule sometimes allows a client to afford a nicer instrument in the end.

For already completed guitars that I have available on my "In Stock" page, I'll arrange a payment schedule at no additional charge, as long as we arrive at a specific schedule in advance and make certain the instrument will be fully paid for within a reasonable period of 2 months' time or less. The instrument will be shipped only when payment in full has been received by me. As on commissions mentioned in the paragraph above, this "layaway" payment schedule sometimes allows a client to afford a nicer instrument.

Cancellation: It's my policy that if a commission is cancelled for any reason by the client after the downpayment has been made, the client will forfeit the downpayment, so I'd ask that you please be as serious about buying as I am about building. Thanks!

Please write me at jeffrey@divine-jones.com to discuss your next new instrument or ask any questions you may have.


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